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Friday, 17 October 2008

History Of The 'Tip The Iceberg Speech'

The iceberg can never be tipped all thse stupid pictures online are stupid edits, why people think you can tip the iceberg, i dont know, Many penguins use drills or just dance to try and tip the iceberg, but they are just wasting their time tring to get a secret item or whatnot.

Club penguin anneversary

The club penguin anniversary is the 24th of October and will be the 3rd, You can party on club penguin or in real life at times square in new york, sadly i cant go, im english....
Im Sure you'll all enjoy it!

Rockhoppers Quarters...

There is a notice board that notes:
To do list:
Judge halloween igloos with aunt arctic.
Celibrate anniversary with snow cannon.
Eat lots of cake.
Leaving Port Oct 27th.

Rockhoppers back!!!!

Rockhoppers Back with some members item and as allways one non member item!
The eyepatch is free to all players!
Sea-worthy Dress (500 Coins)
Sea-worthy Suit (500 Coins)
Island - Furniture item (850 Coins)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Halloween furniture catalouge secrets

The halloween catalouge is finally here! with 25,00 coins to be won - get decorating!Click the control terminal antennae for a bit of fun. Clikc the pizza oven flames so they move then click again for a stainless steel fridge (750 Coins)
Click the books for the chalkboard. (260 Coins)
This is still my favourite one lol ^

The halloween catalouge is finally here with some great stuff and 25,000 coins to be won - Get Decorating!

The - F.I.S.H Book Secrets (Psa Only)

Click on the sunglasses for The night vision goggles (1000 Coins)
Sadly there is only one secret of the F.I.S.H.

Info On Owners of Site:

The owners of this site are Mr yumyum2 + Pingy667 (Cp Names)

Clothing catalouge cheats

Click the Pink flipper - Located on the shelf for the mixed bracelets (150 Coins)
Click the Lighthouse behind the designer glasses penguin for the black scuba mask (200 Coins)

Click The Fire torch on the left side for the black superhero mask (100 Coins)

Click the Pumpkin of the left of the frankenstein penguin once for the red viking helmet (750 Coins)
Click it four times for the blue viking helmet. (1200 Coins)

While the blue viking helmet is up click the yellow puffles hair on the colour page For the gold viking helmet. (1500 Coins)


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We are friends from the same school and are both intrested in Club penguin, much SUCKS! (Joking) We are Boys..